One of the big factors we have with panda and penguin is the effect of bounce rate on our sites.

If you have a high bounce rate then your site will be penalized, if you have a low bounce rate you will get a better quality score for your site.

You need a bounce rate of below 50% if you want your site to recover from a bounce rate penalty.

Here is the bounce rate for a site that is being penalised for being over 50%..

 But what can be done to change your bounce rate? What about a site with a bounce rate of 73%?

Well there are a few things we do to change this.

Tips How to Reduce your Bounce Rate

1) Create great Content on your site.

Note just good content but content that people want to read, bookmark and send onto their friends.

2) Don’t use spun content

Using spun content on your main web site is a BIG NO NO. Don’t do it as you will be penalised for a poor readability score, so keep the content unique and of good quality.

3) Split up articles

If you have long long articles on your site, split these up over a several pages. This firstly improves the readability but also removes the over whelm that large article portrait to the reader.

4) Add images to your posts and articles to give them more appeal.

Adding images to your articles gives the article more appeal but also break up the text in the article. If a use sees a long text article it may seem like too much effort to read the article, so they leave the site and this affects your bounce rate.

5) Add related articles

In order to keep people on your site you need to add links to related articles. This will increase the navigation on your site and thus reduce the bounce rate.

6) Add videos

If you add videos in the article content this will help to keep the reader on your site longer.

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